Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The problem with middle-age

I am assuming, of course, that I will live into my eighties. That is, if my head doesn't explode one day! These are the things I find hard about "middle-age":
1. Acne and wrinkles; seriously, when will it end?
2. Being up at night with a pre-schooler who has the flu, and then getting up at the crack of dawn to wake up seminary kids
3. Tantrums from both ends of the spectrum--preschool through junior high (I am not including Andy in this, because he very rarely gets that upset.)
4. Having kids who want me to be involved in every aspect of their lives, and kids who don't want me involved in any aspect of their lives, but definitely need me to be involved--or to at least drive them everywhere!
5. Being told at least once a day, when seen with all the kids, "I didn't know you had older kids! or I didn't know you had younger kids!" Or just being asked flat out if they are all mine. Of course, they are! Could anyone else make me crazy?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Here it is!

My sweet sil just posted this a few days ago: (I hope you don't mind the plagiarism, m)

"I have a question. You know all the popular "Mommy Blogs?" The blogs where young mothers talk about how wonderful and stressful and difficult and rewarding being a mom to young children can be? What I want to know is where are the blogs where middle-aged (I can't believe I just said that) mothers like myself talk about their TEENAGERS? We've covered potty training, night terrors, crayon on the walls, spoons in the toilet, and ketchup on the walls. We're all willing to write about the trials and rewards of learning to share, learning to obey, having picnics in the sunshine, and taking wonderful indoor rainy day adventures .Well, where are the blogs about the holes punched in the walls with a bare fist? Where are the posts about the child who wouldn't talk to you for six hours because you asked him/her to stop banging the console cover while you were driving in the car? What about teenagers who sleep around? What about drinking and drugs? What about pornography? What about kids who quit coming to church? What about our sweet little ones who grow up and drop out of high school? I know the trials of motherhood with toddlers. And I enjoy reading the Mommy Blogs. I especially enjoy reading the blogs of my sister and sisters-in-law and hearing about the antics of my nieces and nephews. But I just want to say that it is difficult (and oh so painful) for parents like me who have struggles with their children that are of a more personal nature, and cannot really be written about on blog posts or Facebook, or even in a private journal. I ache to blurt it all out somewhere, to confess that I want to quit, to wonder if I was really not cut out to be a mother at all. "

So, here it is: a free-for-all forum for ranting, venting, cheering, and praying. Feel free to come and "throw your trash on the floor" as my therapist used to say. You will feel lighter for hooking your burdens to this cyber-yoke so we can all share! Invite whoever you like. There is no judging here, only "I have so been there!"

Hope to hear from you soon!

Love, Tami