Thursday, September 20, 2012

Let's Go, Girls!!

I'm really sad that this blog has been neglected for SO LONG.  On the other hand, I happen to know that the three main contributors to the blog have had a VERY busy last couple of years!  Between us, just counting our own children, I think we've had three or four High School graduations, three missionaries, two weddings, countless birthday parties, and that's only listing the happy things!  Speaking for myself, some of the things we've dealt with in the past few years have been far too painful to put on a blog.  Maybe that's why the long silence...we've just had too much, too many, and too hard.

But I'd love to get our Middle Aged Mommy Blog back up and running.  I know Natalie has had a pretty rough time with her car lately (and I'm so, so grateful she's OK).  I know Tami just sent her sweet boy off to Argentina/Uruguay for two years, and I'm sad I wasn't there for his farewell.  I know my sweet baby girl just moved out of the house she has lived in since she was five years old to head off into the wide, wide world, and I still can't talk about it without crying.  Surely we have some things to post about!!

I read back over our blog posts of yore, and I was reminded of how HARD some of those times were, but I also read the sweet and supportive comments, and felt incredibly loved and cared for.  Tell you what, ladies, I could use some of that love right about now!

So what do you say?  Can we do it?  I think we should try!!

Three Cheers for the Middle Aged Mothers of the world!!!


  1. Hip Hip Hooray,
    Hip Hip Hooray,
    Hip Hip Hooray.

  2. How about three chocolate eclairs! You can have the honor of eating them for me, marianne! I think you are right! I will try and think of something fabulous to post about!