Thursday, October 25, 2012

What I wore.

I started blogging as a kind of personal journal. I expect most people do but then as we get readers and followers and commenters etc, we may turn our attention more to what the people want to hear. I have several blogs I read/follow and am often learning something or inspired by them. They range from friends, hobby interests to frugality, organizing and style and for the most part, I keep it in perspective that these are staged posts but from real people, not celebrities, though some do make a living blogging. I recently began to follow a young lady who was featured on studio 5. She also started blogging for herself and was being asked all the time about her clothes and now posts what she is wearing and links to where it is from etc. I loved that she is a classically styled, modest, LDS girl from Utah but with NY at any age kind of outfits so I have followed her.I have even copied a few items but today it dawned on me..... What the crap is a 22 year old design student doing, toting around a $2,000 Prada bag(she has more than one $500+bag) and everyday ensemble from J.Crew or Nordstroms worth more than my yearly clothing allowance for my whole family? Where does she go? I thought for the sake of reality I would follow suit and post a "what I wore" for you all. Sorry about missing links to purchase as I'm pretty sure you will all want my outfit but most of the stuff is old, ahem vintage, and no longer available.
My too big sweats and a layer jacket that goes under most any hoodie or cardigan in a huury.
My cozy slipper/sock boots for indoor use only
and of course my "sunnies" because every "what I wore" post has them. Truthfully I am very happy to have them as they went awol after my accident and I thought they had died in my car but I found them in a $10 handbag :-) Notice my hair is not dried because it's only 11:00am and who gets ready that early if they don't have to? and no I am not sick I just don't have make up on. So this is my reality check for the day. I blog for the sake of journalling, family history if you like. Sometimes it's for therapy or venting and sometimes it's for a happy, gratitude kind of announcement. So what about you? Natalie


  1. AWESOME, Natalie. This is such a great post!!

    I have been so busy lately with my new job that I barely have time to sleep and eat. Thank goodness for a good husband who is willing to cook and take care of the kids when I can't/don't!!

    I hope to get back to my blog soon, but until I do, I'll thoroughly enjoy reading yours!!!

  2. That is great! I think I have almost the exact same outfit! I agree, let's keep it real. If I have to pay more than 20 for a purse, I think,
    "seriously? i just need something cute that is big enough to hold everyone's crap, because they sure aren't going to carry their own stuff! "